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Tip for Managed Applications that use COM objects – Type Libraries are Used at Runtime.

1. Introduction. 1.1 My last article Tip for Creating a COM Server Using C# – Apartment Marshaling and the Type Library centred on the fact that for managed COM servers used by an unmanaged client app, its REGASM.EXE generated type library is not used at runtime. 1.2 As mentioned in that article, the reasons managed COM … Continue reading

Tip for Creating a COM Server Using C# – Apartment Marshaling and the Type Library.

1. Introduction. 1.1 I had earlier published Creating a COM Server Using C#. The aim of that article was to expound on the basic coding requirements for creating a COM server using the C# language. 1.2 This write-up is one of several follow-up articles that are intended to provide additional supplementary tips, techniques and knowledge … Continue reading

The Significance of the COM coclass.

1. Introduction. 1.1 Intermediate COM application developers generally understand the COM development process and are familiar with most of the ubiquitous terms, phrases and concepts, e.g. IUnknown, IDispatch, interfaces, reference counting, interface querying, registration, progID, events, etc. 1.2 The keyword “coclass”, however, remains mysterious and relatively misunderstood. The reason for this is probably due to its perceived lack … Continue reading

Creating a COM Server Using C#.

1. Introduction. 1.1 COM remains a popular technology today and, with tremendous support from managed language compilers, e.g Visual C#, building COM servers in managed code is a viable option. 1.2 This blog is intended for the C# developer who wants to develop COM servers using C#, either to provide managed implementations for some COM-based framework or simply to … Continue reading