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Understanding Custom Marshaling Part 4

1. Introduction. 1.1 We have reached the 4th part of this series of articles elucidating the basic principles of custom marshaling. 1.2 In the first part, we touched on marshaling one-way from managed to unmanaged code. 1.3 Then in part 2 and 3, we studied marshaling the other way from unmanaged to managed. 1.4 Here … Continue reading

Understanding Custom Marshaling Part 3

1. Introduction. 1.1 This is the 3rd installment of our series of articles expounding .NET custom marshaling. 1.2 In part 2, we studied how custom marshaling may be performed from unmanaged code to managed. The idea being that the unmanaged code must return an object to managed code. 1.3 We also noted in part 2 … Continue reading

Understanding Custom Marshaling Part 2

1. Introduction. 1.1 This article is a continuation of Understanding Custom Marshaling Part 1. 1.2 In part 1, we learned how to code custom marshaling for the purpose of passing an object (a managed string) from managed code to unmanaged. 1.3 Here in part 2, we study how custom marshaling is done in the other … Continue reading