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Understanding Implementations for ITypeLibExporterNotifySink Part 1.

1. Introduction. 1.1 This article is a follow up to my last blog Programmatically Register Assemblies in C#. 1.2 In that article, I mentioned that I will be writing more to explain implementations for the ITypeLibExporterNotifySink interface as used in the context of a call to TypeLibConverter.ConvertAssemblyToTypeLib(). 1.3 I will dive straight into exploring this … Continue reading

Programmatically Register Assemblies in C#.

1. Introduction. 1.1 After publishing Programmatically Register COM Dlls in C# back in 2011, I received a number of requests for advise on how to register managed assemblies as COM servers. 1.2 In this blog, I will present the reader with a sample C# program that will perform such registration. 1.3 The sample assembly COM-registration … Continue reading